You’ve decided to consider playing croquet! Good move!  But what is the game all about?

History  The game involves hitting a ball through a series of hoops using a long handled mallet on an area about the size of a tennis court. 
Events This interesting game is a combination of skill and tactics to outwit the opposition.
Obviously the game is played in the open fresh air.  Wonderful!  It challenges your mind while exercising your body - but unlike golf you are always close to the clubhouse. 
Contact  You can sit out between games enjoying social light refreshments, cementing friendships. 
Compared with bowls, there is more gentle walking and more tactics than just rolling a ball to get near the jack.


A handicapping system means that players with different skill levels can compete.  Men and women compete together. It is a game for young and old.  

It is a really ideal game for those in the senior age group although a 15 year old has represented Australia.

At our Club we mainly play two forms of the game.   “Golf” croquet is easily learned and is great fun.  A typical game lasts about 40 minutes. “Association” is a much more complex game involving a greater number of skills, tactics and strategy in manoeuvring balls around the court.  A typical game can last two and a half hours.  It has been called a mixture of chess and billiards.  Technique is more important than strength, and thought more than speed.

The only equipment needed is comfortable clothes, flat shoes and a becoming hat. Mallets are available for use at the club.


This is a low cost recreation. The annual fee is only $502.  For this you can play seven days a week with no added green fees. The schedule of play is on the Events page.


We invite you to come and learn this excellent sport in the very friendly surrounds of our club in Manly. 

Please phone Rose Anne for a free lesson or two at 9949 3143.